Crimestoppers talks, Football Leaders and more!!!

Marine in the community have had an exciting couple of weeks. From Trinity St. Peters and Thomas Grey having Crimestoppers talk to our football leaders completion, our heritage walks, and more!!!

Last week, we saw Liverpool legend Dave Fairclough and Alan Smithies from Crimestoppers go into Trinity St. Peters primary schools to talk about the community we live in and creating a safer place for everyone that lives in the community. It was great for the pupils to learn about Crimestoppers and help spread the message of creating a safer place for everyone. Thank you to both schools for allowing us to give the pupils this talk, and thank you to David Fairclough and Alan Smithies for talking to the pupils.

Last Friday brought us to the completion of our football leadership course. What a couple of weeks it has been! We have had pupils from both Sacred Hearts and Litherlands High School come to us as just pupils and now will be going away as qualified referees after completion of the referees course. It has been great to see how they have grown, developed, and engaged with our coaches and the referees that have run the course. Throughout the weeks, they have gone from knowing nothing about referees and the job they do to learning the skills and rules needed to now being fully qualified referees. It has been a great couple of weeks, and we look forward to running this course again after the summer break.

Finally, our Monday night free football has been a great success and is continuing to flourish, with more people turning up and enjoying free football from 5 to 6 p.m. It has been great to partner with the Merseyside police on this project and give people a nice, safe space to come along with friends, meet new people, and play some fun football.

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