Coronation Community Cafe

Coronation celebrations at the community café last Friday!

Last Friday we held a coronation themed community café. We used the coronation as a way to celebrate the new king and allowed the people attending to dress up and allowed us to decorate the room to help with the celebrations.

This café was a lot different to the rest, as instead of sandwiches for food we supplied them with scouse and than to finish of a piece of apple pie. However we made sure there was still lots of teas and coffee for everyone.

The café was a great success as we got Sue young who is a volunteer of the café to sing for everyone. Again thankyou to Sue for singing as it helped to bring a more upbeat atmosphere to the café and got people of there seats and onto the dancefloor.

Thankyou again to all that came and thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who help to keep the café running smoothly, Without you it would not be possible.

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