6 Weeks of Literacy Kicks at St Luke’s Halsall and Valewood Primary School

Over the past 6 weeks, we have been going into St. Luke’s Halsall and Valewood Primary Schools, in partnership with Literacy Kicks, to help enhance the pupils writing by getting them to take on the role of sports reporters and developing a range of journalism skills.

There are some tremendous young writers, and they will all get the chance to become sports journalists at an upcoming Marine AFC match.

We look forward to seeing their reports on the game.


Wow these sessions were amazing all my year 6 class loved them.  They were engaging and made great use of sports footage to inspire the writing.  I would highly recommend Gareth Walker, who used his expertise as a sports journalist, to develop some excellent writing from the pupils in a variety of different styles.

It was our pleasure, having you at Valewood.  THANK YOU for all of your hard work. I will be definitely sharing how great this project was with other schools. 

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