Four Clubs One Goal

On Friday the 20th October, Marine in the community held the Four Clubs One Goal tournament. We came together with the four football clubs of Merseyside, Liverpool, Everton, Tranmere Rovers and Marine AFC and was in partnership with Crimestoppers to launch a new initiative to help reduce crime and bring awareness into the dangers of drug abuse and county lines.

Before the Tournament started we had guest speakers in Michael Branch (Ex Everton player),David Fairclough from Crimestoppers and many more to help make the children aware of the dangers of county lines and drug abuse and to help reduce crime in the local area.

Even though the weather was horrendous every person was smiling and happy and enjoyed playing in the tournament, with lots of great football on show and in the end Liverpool came away with the trophy in both the Girls and Boys Tournament. Well done Liverpool!!!

Thankyou again to everyone who participated and turned up it was a great day for all involved!

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