Caernarfon Castle visit!

Last Thursday our Heritage Walking Group went to Caernarfon Castle in North Wales.

The group got to explore the whole castle from seeing the beautiful views of North Wales from the top of the castle to exploring all of the ancient and wonderful things that the castle had to offer.

While exploring the castle they got to enjoy listening to and finding out about the history of this very historical place. One big historical fact being that this castle is where Prince Charles was invested as the Prince of Wales. It is even more special as they visited this place the same year as Prince Charles became King and had his coronation earlier this year.

The day would not of been complete without a nice coffee and ice cream because of the lovely weather that was provided on the day of the trip.

There will be lots more exciting walks coming throughout this year so why not come and join us as we explore Merseyside and the surrounding areas.

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